I care about the Eastside, and I want to help make it thrive. I want to do the same for all of Athens.

I want my children and grandchildren–and all of us and our families and friends–to have a bright future here. That’s why I’ve spent years as an active community advocate–listening, asking questions, building partnerships, getting things done.

We’ve got to keep Athens moving forward. I’ll work hard so that more people have access to what Athens has given me. A fulfilling job with enough pay to support a family. An affordable home. Good schools and job training opportunities. Safe and welcoming neighborhoods. Access to childcare, libraries, great shopping, outdoor activities, good food, art and music. Safe streets for driving, biking and walking. A local government that listens and responds.

Everyone in our community should be able to enjoy and benefit from these opportunities and resources. I’m passionate about expanding what Athens has to offer to everyone who lives here.

As commissioner, I’ll bring the same passion and hard work to the constituents of District 8, and all of Athens, that I brought everyday to my long career at Athens Tech where my students–and their futures–always came first.

I believe the best in people because, in my experience, people usually rise to the challenge when given a chance. As I’ve always done, I’ll work to build bridges and create the partnerships necessary to get people engaged so we can accomplish our goals together.