When Obama got elected, Carol and I worked together to put on an Inauguration Day party downtown. She’s been spending her life working for this community in so many different ways. As commissioner, she’ll just continue doing what she’s always done. Work hard and with passion. I’m behind her 100%.

Teresa Clyde, Athens Business Owner

It is my honor to support Carol Myers and her quest to be a voice for all Athenians on the Athens-Clarke County Commission. As a member of and advocate for the local LGBTQ community, I believe it is imperative we elect leaders who will support non-discrimination legislation and will use their position of power to be a voice for the under-represented. I have full confidence in Carol’s ability to do just that, from her experience in education to her dedication to learning what makes a county government truly of, by, and for the people..

Cameron Jay Harrelson, LGBTQ advocate ,

I know Carol can do the work, because she’s done the work.

Tim Denson, Athens-Clarke Commissioner

I’ve been working for half a decade now on making sure that Athens has the best emergency response services it can.  If Carol gets elected district 8 commissioner, I know she will listen to my concerns and be devoted to making both the eastside and Athens an even better place to live.”

Sam Rafal, neighbor, retired educator, and chair of local EMS advocate organization, When Every Second Counts.Org

I will vote for this woman! I’ve known her since our grown kids were tiny toddlers together! She’s brilliant, brave, and devoted to community and a fantastic listener!

Mary Mathews
Eastside resident and international environmental policy analyst

I am an African American Woman raised and born in Athens Clarke County. I helped integrate Athens High School ( Clarke Central), marched and demonstrated in front of the Varsity on Broad Street. I was arrested as a preteen for standing up for my rights and fighting my white oppressors. As a young adult and single mother I attend Athens Technical College and Carol Myers was my teacher. I found Ms Myers to be a down to earth and caring person. As I continued fighting for justice in the community, I noticed that Ms Myers and I had a lot in common. She worked on the Obama campaign, knocking on doors in Nellie B Housing, campaigning for Stacy Abrams. working at the Gospel Pilgrim Cemetery, riding her bike to to East Athens Community to read to the children in Ms. Ritter’s reading program. You could find her attending Anti Discrimination rallies at City Hall or you might find her volunteering with DESTINED Learning Center. Ms. Myers is definitely connected to the Athens Clarke County Community; she as joining me in my fight for equal rights.

Barbara Barnett
Athens Community Activist

I got to know Carol when we worked together at Athens Tech, where she was both my teaching colleague and the dean of General Ed. I got to know her as a friend in those years, and I also got to see her amazing leadership in the role of dean. She was passionate in her advocacy for students at Athens Tech and always so supportive of teachers. I was thrilled when I heard she was running for county commission because I know how much she cares about making our community the best it can be for everyone in it. She is great at working with people, and I think she’ll be able to make good things happen, not just for District 8 but all of Clarke County.

Nancy Heiges
Eastside resident and college instructor

Carol’s our neighbor. We often see her cycling by while we’re working in the yard. Her experience and her knowledge about our community and concern for making Athens even better are why she has our total support.

Tracy and Chris Young
Eastside University Heights residents, occupational therapist and retired forestry engineer

I’ve lived in East Athens since 1967, and I am excited that Carol Myers is running for District 8 commissioner. I know Carol from the cycling community and posts on Facebook. She pushes herself when she has a goal she believes in, something I know she’ll do for the Eastside and the larger Athens community.

Mary Carol Snead Boserup
Eastside Plantation Estates resident, retired teacher

Having spent her career serving people (as an educator in both teaching and administration, as a community advocate and longtime resident of the Eastside, and as a parent), Carol is someone who can listen to our needs and lead our community to a more prosperous future!

Alan Godlas
25 year Eastside resident, UGA professor

Carol Myers is a knowledgeable, caring, and committed advocate for the citizens of Athens with a long history of involvement. She will be all in with her head and heart! Vote for Carol Myers! I write as a longtime friend and colleague

Carol Stanley
Colleague at Athens Tech

Thanks for answering so many questions yesterday [when you called]. You have my vote.

Leslie Gonzalez,
Cedar Creek resident and school librarian

After Carol knocked on our door this weekend, we did further research into where she stands on issues versus her and her opponents and she has our support.

Monique Pichon and Valerie Mize, chemist and a pharmacy technician, University Heights neighborhood

I’m a social work student and am excited to get involved in local politics that I hope will make lasting positive changes for my clients. I would like to see more expansive, effective options available for those seeking resources in the Athens community.

Rebecca Mackelprang, Eastside resident and UGA student