Carol’s platform: 

1) a thriving eastside, 

2) a just, equitable, and SAFE Athens, 

3) a walkable, bike-able, bus-able Athens, and 

4) a green Athens with a transition to renewable energy in the next few decades.

5) [and just added …..] a resilient Athens, that can pull together and recover from the public health and economic crisis that the coronavirus has brought us. [Details still being developed]

A thriving Eastside

  • Support existing Eastside businesses, and encourage more to locate here.
  • Ensure that we build a quality Eastside library. (* SPLOST 2020 passed with funding for an Eastside library but its location, design, services, etc. must still be advocated for.)
  • Serve Eastside youth and adults with quality recreation programs.
  • Re-evaluate zoning ordinances to encourage more affordable housing.
  • Add tree cover and shade to make our streets more comfortable and beautiful.
  • Assure that our 911 emergency response services are the best they can be.
  • Explore developing a farmers market for the Eastside.
  • Be responsive to constituent needs.

A more equitable and just community

  • Work hard at local level to reduce the poverty rate in Athens.
  • Advocate for more ambitious state and federal programs to make the economy work for lower and middle income Athenians.
  • Support African-American businesses and community efforts, and acknowledge historical injustices.
  • Create a welcoming community for all, including  respecting the rights of our LatinX immigrants.
  • Enhance community policing efforts that build trust between neighborhoods and police officers.
  • Reform criminal justice system so fewer young people get trapped in the school-to-prison pipeline; create more productive options for youth.
  • Decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana

Walkability! Bike lanes! Better buses! Safer streets!

  • Move forward with newly adopted Athens in Motion Bike and Pedestrian Plan.
  • Adopt a strong community “complete streets” policy to make our streets safer for kids, grandparents and everyone in between.
  • Ensure that Athens Transit gets buses to those who depend on them to get to work and offers fare-free rides for as many as possible. 
  • Build shaded bus stops with seating throughout the county.
  • Implement a “Vision Zero” goal of reducing traffic fatalities and serious injuries to zero.
  • Establish a Bike Share program for the larger community.

The “Greening” of Athens 

  • Keep Athens on track with its 100% Clean Energy Resolution, including its commitment to equity and  local green jobs;
  • Transition local government’s energy sources away from fossil fuels to clean power like solar, wind, and hydropower by 2035.
  • Protect Athens’ watershed and ensure clean drinking water.
  • Make all our government buildings as energy efficient as possible.
  • Convert our fleets of buses, maintenance trucks, and police cars to hybrid and then electric power sources.
  • Encourage local businesses, industries, hospitals, and colleges to commit to 100% renewable by 2050.
  • Work with homeowners to encourage energy efficiency and clean power use, and make this affordable for low-income households.

(… by doing our part for the planet, we make Athens a better place too)