District Eight residents –

I hope this letter finds you well, despite the challenges we are facing as a community. I am writing to you today to endorse Carol Myers for the District 8 County Commission position. I have known Carol for almost fifteen years and have had the pleasure of working with her in a number of capacities during that time.

When she served as a Dean at Athens Technical College, and I was working as a high school teacher and administrator here, we both supported a number of individual students and would regularly discuss the ways we could work most effectively to make a difference in the lives of Athens’ young people as they prepared to enter the workforce and make their way into adulthood. Carol conducted her work with passion and commitment, and I trusted her as a colleague in working to shape better lives for Athenians.

Carol’s work as a volunteer in a variety of capacities supporting local projects has also been something I have greatly admired. As a past SPLOST 2005 and 2011 citizen committee member, a participant in the creation of the Athens in Motion Plan – updating our bike and pedestrian planning in the most meaningful way in 15 years, and now as chair for the Athens in Motion Commission, Carol has given selflessly of her time, and contributed to a safer and more resilient community. In addition, her advocacy for energy efficiency and renewable energy has led the Commission and me to step forward in the most meaningful way of any government in the state, committing over 15 million dollars toward renewables and efficiency in our internal operations over the next decade, and defining our path toward a carbon-neutral community. These efforts will positively impact the lives we lead, and those of our children and grandchildren.

As you prepare to cast your ballot for the June 9 election, I enthusiastically ask you to support Carol Myers.


Mayor Kelly Girtz