Let me make my support for the Linnentown Project Resolution clear. I’m a 100% for the resolution. The Linnentown residents are finally getting the public recognition they deserve for the losses they and their families endured. Today I listened at a brown bag lunch on urban renewal in Athens at how multiple African American neighborhoods in central areas of Athens were erased through the “good works” of urban renewal. Linnentown was one of those neighborhoods destroyed. Linnentown resident Hattie Whitehead talked about how hard it still is now to work through this issue but then expressed her hopes: “The mayor has agreed to work together” and “hopefully we can come together and make Athens the place it should be and can be and will be.” The only way that can happen is if the Linnenetown residents are front and center in any discussion and negotiations going forward. I hope that a citizen committee with significant Linnentown representation is set up soon to move forward in redressing a wrong that has been in place for so long. I also hope that we as a community can do the same for all the other African American communities lost so unfairly and dishonestly to “progress.” Hear my comments at last week’s commission meeting. Click here: Carol Myers speaks on Linnentown at Feb. 4, 2019 commission meeting.

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